Your Chalmers, Your Way 2018

The Chalmers Foundation supports healthy, caring communities. In 2018 donations were allotted to departments within Horizon’s Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital of the donor’s choice.

The health care professionals on the front lines work very hard on behalf of patients and their families; our role is to provide them the tools and resources they need to do their jobs. Thank you for giving.


Our 2017 Love Your Lab fundraising campaign raised $770,000 to improve critical services in the Department of Laboratory Medicine which serves every corner of our health care system, including hospitals, health centres, clinics, the extramural program, and point-of-care testing programs. The Department is responsible for approximately 4.5 million tests each year in Fredericton and the Upper River Valley areas and provides information for medical decisions related to patient screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and prevention. 


Our Chalmers Care for Kids campaign was our largest campaign to date, raising $2.2 million for the Pediatric Unit. The funds have gone toward completely renovating the unit by modifying outpatient clinic space, refurbishing inpatient rooms, and creating a brand new treatment space for youth admitted with a mental health diagnosis. The unit is now currently under construction, so stay tuned to our social media pages for progress updates!


Patient Care in the Fast Lane, 2011

Our 'Patient Care in the Fast Lane' campaign raised $550,000 and has allowed us to order 15 new wireless monitors for the emergency room. The current monitors are 18 years old and they are no longer serviced by their vendor. The new monitors will allow patients to move around and go for tests and procedures without being unhooked, so that their vitals can be monitored without interruption.


Your health, Your Heart: Cardiac Diagnostic Unit, 2009/2010

Thanks to our community's generous support, the Chalmers Foundation was able to raise over 1 million dollars to create a new cardiac diagnostic program for our hospital. Several testing units were moved into one upgraded and expanded space to help face the challenge of an increasing number of patients with cardiovascular disease. This project was completed in January 2012, and is now helping many patients every day.

Capturing the Wonder 2008

Thanks to your help, the “Capturing the Wonder” campaign reached its goal and will provide the Chalmer’s Maternity unit with a 3D/4D ultrasound.  Our maternity specialist, Dr. Kim Butt says the equipment will soon be installed and she and the “mothers-to-be” will be looking at live, moving 3 and 4 dimensional images of their unborn baby and, in particular, those that are deemed at risk.

MRI - Focus on Health - 2006 & 2007

$1 million was raised to help purchase a new Magnetic Resonances Imaging (MRI) unit. Our two-year campaign is complete thanks to our caring community and a partnership with the provincial government. The 5,400 square foot expansion to the diagnostic imaging department at the Regional Hospital cost $5.8 million, which included the new permanent MRI unit. This will make a huge difference in helping patients receive diagnosis and treatment sooner. The new permanent MRI will have a larger magnet, providing faster, better quality images and will also reduce wait times.

Keeping Abreast of Cancer - 2005

This project was a tremendous success raising over $650,000 to purchase a digital mammography unit. The full-field digital mammography will help women who are at risk for breast cancer. The key to survival is early detection and treatment. The care and compassion demonstrated throughout the campaign has confirmed in the hearts of all, the importance of our commitment to patient care at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital.

Building Better Bones - 2004

The "Building Better Bones" campaign reached its $360,000 goal to purchase a new bone densitometer and a mobile image intensifier. This equipment is critical - both for the detection of bone loss, and for fixing bones that break. The mobile image intensifier is used for all orthopedic surgeries and provides live images of the area being treated. It is used in the emergency room or on the units as well as in the operating theatres.


Little Kids - Big Needs 2002 - 2004

The Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation raised $1.2 million for renovations and equipment for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The new unit is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Donald Morgan in recognition of his leadership in establishing the first NICU at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital and his devotion to improving the care of mothers and babies throughout his career.