My Special Gal Dance

Stay tuned for more information coming soon on the 2014 My Special Gal Dance!

June 13, 2013

The first My Special Gal Dance was a success. Thanks to the dads of all kinds and their special gals who came out to support this great cause. Over $6,000 was raised for the ICU Making a Difference campaign. We had a great evening filled with surprises, dancing, lots of yummy treats and more.

We hope to see you out again for the My Special Gal Dance 2014!


About the event:
Little girls are often the shining lights in their fathers' lives as they grow from being children to empowered women. Likewise, daughters adore their fathers who serve as their models of how men treat women. The close bonds between daughters and dads should be encouraged and celebrated. While it is common knowledge that this day in age, not all little girls have what is traditionally defined as a “Father”, we do recognize that most little girls would have a father type figure in their lives, whether that is a grandfather, uncle, step-dad or other positive male role model. It is this “paternal figure” bond that we are attempting to showcase and celebrate through the “My Special Gal” Dance.

This is a semi-formal event that is new to Fredericton and is a one of a kind fundraising opportunity for the Foundation encouraging a very special bond between father figures and young ladies. We encourage special gals (up to the age of 16) to ask the most important man in their lives (father, grandfather, uncle, etc.) to join them for an evening of dancing music and fun.